Kayaking in the Antarctic

Sophie and Ewan are professional kayak guides, and they took me for some adventure kayaking around Cuverville Island, in the Errera Channel. It was a very beautiful calm day, and we enjoy the paddle very much. The water in the Antarctic is very cold, so every body needs to use a dry suit to keep the water out if you fell in the water. Sophie was a little worried because they didn’t have a dry suit small enough for me, so I just had to make sure that I didn’t fell into the ice waters!

Ewan and Fred Sophie and Fred

I got to share a sea kayak with Ewan, and we got very close to some ice. All the ice floating in the water in the Errera Channel, by the end of the summer, is ice coming from the glaciers surrounding the channel. Also, in the cliffs of Cuverville Island there are many lichens and mosses.

Ewan and Fred kayaking.jpg

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